Rocket Lawyer Review: How Does Rocket Lawyer Compare?

Product Overview

Rocket Lawyer offers certain free legal services, mostly free legal documents and discounted legal counsel, to customers who avail of their subscription plans. Rocket Lawyer is most well-known for its RocketLawyer desktop software, which helps its users generate thousands of legal documents from the comfort of their own homes, and yes, without the help of an attorney.

What You Get

Once you sign up for a regular subscription on Rocket Lawyer, you are given instant and unlimited access to the company’s legal forms and documents. You can also edit these forms online using Rocket Lawyer’s built-in word processor or download them to your computer and share these documents with your affiliates, clients, or colleagues via e-mail. Rocket Lawyer also provides its clients with free e-signature services and the award-winning RocketLawyer software. Rocket Lawyer also provides discounted live counsel, but take note of all terms and conditions that apply. Specifically, remember that Rocket Lawyer does not, in any way, represent you in any legal proceeding.

Company Behind It

Rocket Lawyer has been in the business of providing cheap legal services for more than ten years now. Its partners include H&R Block, LexisNexis, and Houghton Mills. Rocket Lawyer has designed and manufactured the most number of legal software available in the market today. Some of these are H&R Block® Home and Business Attorney, WillWriterTM, Broderbund® Family LawyerTM, and MyAttorneyTM.


There are two types of subscription plans you can avail of at Rocket Lawyer: a Personal Plan and a Professional Plan. You can avail of these two plans either monthly or annually. A monthly Personal plan costs $19.95 while an annual Personal plan is $199.95. On the other hand, a monthly Professional plan costs $39.95 while a yearly Professional plan is $295.95. The monthly charges are billed to your credit card at the start of each month.


Rocket Lawyer offers a seven-day trial period for you to test the authenticity of their claims. If you are not happy with the way Rocket Lawyer served you during the trial period, simply call up the customer support department and cancel any pending subscriptions. There will be no charges or fees billed to your credit card and you can keep the documents you have downloaded during the trial.

What I Like About Rocket Lawyer

Completing a Rocket Lawyer document is a very quick and simple process because you only have to take a few minutes to answer some questions. Your answers to these questions will be the basis for the specifics of your legal document. Also, each document that you obtain from Rocket Lawyer contains useful instructions for witnesses, notarization, signing, and other actions to legalize these forms.

What I Don’t Like About It

The Rocket Lawyer system has not been designed to be compatible with Safari browsers on Mac computers. However, this can easily be remedied because you can always access Rocket Lawyer through the latest Firefox browser.

Do I Recommend It?

Absolutely. Rocket Lawyer is the most preferred legal documentation service company on the Internet, as shown by the number of users accessing it everyday. Next time you need to write a legal document, give Rocket Lawyer’s seven-day trial period a, well, a try. After all, you don’t lose anything from it at all, not even a cent.

Other Reviews

Saves money for me and my company!

April 4, 2012 – Peter M. Spartan

I love how easy it is to do the documents, and how much time and money Rocket Lawyer saves me and my company. It is not only up-to-date and accurate, this site just makes sense!